*Wardrobe Consultation

Style Assessment

Learn the fundamentals of the styles that work best for you!  During this 3-hour session, Keenyn will walk you through the process of outfitting. Here you will discover which fabrics, colors, prints, and cuts of clothing work best for you and your lifestyle.  You will also learn the process of mixing and matching these pieces to form your ideal ensemble.


Assessment Fee: $125

Closet Cleanse

Keenyn will go through your wardrobe piece by piece to determine your lifestyle and interests then rid you of outdated and un-wanted clothing, shoes and accessories. We will provide you with a very detailed list of what to wear and not to wear, places to shop, trends and classics to buy, styles to buy for your body type, and styling tips to help you achieve your overall desired look. Once he is done, his team will take the “No” clothes off your hands and personally resell or donate them at one of our partner organizations.  You will be left with a de-cluttered closet, a personalized look-book of the outfits we styled and a customized shopping list of the pieces you need.

Closet Cleanse Fee: $325

Online Assessment

Too busy to set an appointment?  Live far away or out of state?  The Online Style Assessment is the perfect alternative!  Incorporates all the services offered with a Style Assessment at a click of the mouse.

Online Assessment Fee: $50